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Hot Stock Picks: Nielsen Holdings PLC (NYSE:NLSN)

Nielsen Holdings PLC (NYSE:NLSN) announced its 2018 Q3 earnings in September, leading to an optimistic outlook for the coming year.

The current consensus estimate for Nielsen Holdings predicts a 32% profit surge in 2019 in comparison to the 1.4% average growth rate over the past five years. The Company’s current net income for the past 52 weeks is $429 million. Analysts expect the net revenue to surge to $565 million in 2019. Analysts also anticipate the firm’s EPS at $2.02.

Analyst ratings

As far as analyst recommendations are concerned, 6 analysts gave Nielsen Holdings a strong buy recommendation. Seven analysts gave a “hold” recommendation while one analyst gave a “sell” rating. Interestingly, none of the analysts gave the company a “strong sell” recommendation.

Analysts have predicted that Nielsen’s Q4 2018 earnings will average $0.31. The average earnings prediction is based on the opinions presented by 15 analysts. The highest EPS estimate from the analysts was $0.33 while the lowest was $0.27. It is also worth noting that the company reported a $0.23 EPS in Q4 2017.

Nielsen Holdings’ average revenue estimate for the fourth quarter is $1.66 Billion based on estimates from 14 analysts. The average revenue figure was calculated from a $1.62 Billion lowest estimated figure while the highest estimate was $1.72 Billion. Nielsen generated $1760000 in sales in Q4 2017 and it currently estimates a 5.9% sales growth on a yearly basis.

Stock performance

Nielsen holdings stock demonstrated a weak performance with a weekly decline by -4.63% and a -1.89% decline over the past 4 weeks. The stock has tanked by -2.26% over the past three months and by -28.74% year to date. The short-term performance, therefore, seems to be reflecting an overall bearish performance compared to the long-term stock performance.


Nielsen’s stock has a 52-week high of $39.25 and the stock has so far dropped by -33.91% from that 52-week high. The stock closed Friday’s trading session at $25.72 and its current 52-week low is $20.53. The company had a 21.78 price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio). The latter refers to a ratio used to measure a company’s current share price compared to the per-share earnings. If a P/E ratio is high, it means that investors expect a high earnings growth in the future.

A low P/E ratio is a sign that the company has been performing well compared to its past trends or that it is undervalued. Meanwhile, the stock’s volatility level has been around 2.87% for the past four weeks and about 3.62% for the past one week. This means that the volatility of the stock has been low.

Analysts remain confident about Nielsen’s stock performance over the next three or so years. They believe that the stock will grow by 32% over the next 12 months relative to the 1.4% average growth rate that has prevailed over the past 5 years. They, therefore, Nielsen Holdings’ stock to be bullish over the next two or three years. This might thus be a good time for investors to jump on board so that they can ride the bulls, especially those that are willing to take long-term positions.

About Nielsen Holdings

Nielsen Holdings is a global firm that provides global measurement and data analytics. The company focuses on delivering trusted views to customers all over the world by combining its proprietary data and data from external sources. Nielsen has been offering its services for more than 9 decades and it, therefore, boasts of significant market knowledge.

Its main clients come from key industries including consumer goods, retail, advertising, and media industries. Nielsen is constantly working on new solutions that help answer vital questions asked in the different industries.

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