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HP Inc. (NYSE:HPQ) Introduces the Personalization Framework to Boost Brand Recognition

HP Inc. (NYSE:HPQ) introduced The Personalization Pinwheel which is a framework which will help various brands to accelerate business growth by getting into the personalization market and enhancing the customer engagement.

A Boost for Brand Recognition

HP’s personalization pinwheel framework takes into account all the factors that motivate individuals to personalize different consumer goods and then frames them systematically. Things such as photo books, magazine covers, and consumer packed products can be framed consistently. It contains insights from over 45 million online conservations across the world and brands can utilize these motivations for their advertisements as well as marketing.

According to Nancy Janes, global head of brand innovation, HP Inc. personalization creates a significant experience with consumers, and it also increases the brand loyalty as well as engagement and accelerates the business growth and the speed to market. Furthermore, she added that HP’S digital printing capabilities are now transforming the manner in which consumers connect to the brands via personalized packaging and products.

The personalization pinwheel will provide six main benefits which include fingerprinting, letting it all hang out, flying your flag, mindful materialism, bringing bonds to life and permission to indulge. Some of the frameworks are like enhancing customer engagement by enabling the personalization of products as per the heritage, driving the market share by turning regular products into collects, and also tapping into gifting as well as e-commerce markets among others.

Up and Running

According to Technavio, by 2021 the personalized gift market is said to hit $31 billion which is up by 55% from what it was in 2016. Moreover, research by Deloitte, over 50% of Gen Z and millennials like to own the personalized products.

The digital printing capabilities will only expand the reach into more significant numbers of customers given the new innovative approach to enhancing interaction between brands and consumers. For years now, HP has been in the forefront helping brands use personalization power in marketing products, and the Smart Stream designer software of the company enables users to create packaging campaigns for various brands globally.

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