Huize Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: HUIZ) Teams Up With Sungrow To Develop Immune Cell Cryopreservation

Huize Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: HUIZ), a Chinese insurance company, has teamed up with Sungrow to create immune cell cryopreservation as a value-added healthcare option for their insurance customers.

How the technology works

This technology, which refers to advanced biotechnology to harvest immune cells from the human body, is supported by BGU Cell. These cells are then stored at temperatures below -196°C. They can later be reactivated in human bodies and are vital for immune regulation, anti-aging, tissue regeneration, and treating diseases.

Founder and CEO of Haze, Mr. Cunjun Ma, expressed Haze’s excitement about the new partnership with Sungrow. He adds that Sungrow will be their third-party administrator and will also provide them with BGI Cell technology. The CEO says that this partnership is part of the company’s long-term aim of venturing into other fields to complement insurance products with more value-added services. 

Mr. Ma says that Haze tries to maximize the benefits their customers enjoy by creating a more integrated ecosystem for their insurance. He adds that Haze has been diversifying their insurance products since the beginning of the year to satisfy the broad customer base. The company believes that such products will increase their competitiveness in the market and increase their users’ long-term value from their products, hence creating lifetime engagements.

About Huize and Sungrow

Huize Holding is a leader in the digital insurance space for new generation customers in China. Unlike most insurance companies, Huize targets the youth with hopes of catering to their lifelong insurance needs. The company offers a wide variety of health and life insurance products. It empowers its insurer partners to access a fragmented market in the retail insurance space and boost their insurance sales. Some of the digital products they offer their clients include consultation services, suitable product recommendations, and assistance in claim application and settlement, significantly improving the transaction experience.

Sungrow, on the other hand, is an insurance data and technology-enabled third-party administrator service targeting middle-aged and senior citizens’ health insurance market. Sungrow helps insurance companies with underwriting risk management, insurance product design, and product distribution channel development with their extensive database.

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