Hyzon Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: HYZN) Enters MOU With RenewH2 to Partner In Liquid Hydrogen Production

Hyzon Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: HYZN) has signed a memorandum of understanding with RenewH2  to partner in producing liquid hydrogen’s demand and supply side. RenwH2 is a sustainable hydrogen producer, liquefier, dispenser, and distributor in the US. 

RenewH2 to convert methane to liquid hydrogen.

RenewH2 intends to convert biogenic methane gas to produce hydrogen within the terms of the agreement. In addition, the company will liquefy and transport to hydrogen fuelling stations developed in collaboration with Hyzon. The stations can be positioned near Hyzon clients due to this agreement, ensuring consistent fuel demand.

Hyzon CEO Craig Knight, “By aligning the production of hydrogen with the fueling infrastructure and the end-consumer – hydrogen-powered trucks – this partnership addresses the chicken-and-egg problem that has prevented broad-scale hydrogen adoption. This type of collaboration is crucial to accelerating decarbonization.”

Due to the advantages of liquid hydrogen versus hydrogen gas, both companies are interested in expanding their infrastructure. Liquid hydrogen is expected to range roughly twice as the existing 700 bar gaseous hydrogen due to its higher power density. According to Hyzon’s recently announced deal to build ultra-heavy-duty liquid hydrogen-fueled trucks, liquid hydrogen vehicles’ range might be up to 1,000 miles.

Liquid hydrogen is cheaper  to produce 

Because the range is more extended, fewer fueling stations eliminate the requirement to ship liquid hydrogen to several places. Furthermore, due to the absence of compressing and refrigeration equipment, the operating costs of refueling facilities are predicted to be cheaper than for gaseous hydrogen.

In 2023, RenewH2 plans to start manufacturing hydrogen in the Wyoming facility, which will have a maximum daily capacity of 300 tons thanks to steam methane converter units. RenewH2 plans to store and ship liquid hydrogen in addition to creating it. 

RenewH2 CEO David Martineau said, “RenewH2 is excited about the opportunity to work with Hyzon Motors Inc. to provide an end-to-end hydrogen solution that will have a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emission.”

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