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Imax Corp (NYSE:IMAX) Welcomes New Partners To The IMAX Enhanced Program

Imax Corp (NYSE:IMAX) acknowledges that the next frontier for consumer loyalty will be in home entertainment. As such, the company joined DTS to build Imax Enhanced. Debuted in September 2018, the program is a mix of IMAX’s 4K HDR content and audio technologies from DTS. Notably, the program brings the enhanced experienced in entertainment to home devices and other electronics products.

Streaming and device partners join Imax Enhanced

According to IMAX, various firms joined the Imax Enhanced program in a bid to extend its reach. Notably, consumers in the United States will access the program’s content via FandangoNow. The firm will have exclusive rights to distribution and billing of the content this year. Interestingly, only users of certified devices will access this content.

Further, Tencent Video will provide streaming services from the IMAX Enhanced to Chinese consumers. Similarly, Rakuten TV will offer services in continental Europe. Additionally, users in the United States who have access to Sony’s Privilege 4K app will access the services of the program via Sony Bravia TVs. However, this service will only be available to select TV sets.

On the other hand, some other companies joined the program to enhance its integration into their devices. Notably, some of the device partners include TCL, Onkyo, Lexicon, Arcam, Integra, and Elite. Interestingly, these join the existing device partners like Sound United, Marantz and Sony Electronics.

Record grossing at the worldwide box office

In addition to the program, IMAX did well in the year just ended as it was able to hit $1 billion at the worldwide Box Office. This is a first-time achievement which speaks to the firm’s solid strategy for the past few years. Interestingly, more than 10% of the movies that raked in the revenue were local language and mainly from Asia.

Richard L. Gelfond, IMAX CEO, said in a statement, “This Imax box-office record indicates that blockbuster content experienced in the best premium environment is bigger than ever before.”

Further, the firm is expanding the “IMAX DNA” program where an element of the company produce movies. This could be images shot using IMAX cameras or any other aspect of shooting videos that incorporates an IMAX brand.

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