In Focus: Valley National Bank And Yamana Gold Inc (NYSE: AUY) With Key Growth Approaches; Valley National Bank Announces Expansion In Greater Philadelphia

Valley National Bank that has more than $41 billion in assets has recently announced its expansion in greater Philadelphia to facilitate financial services for businesses. The targeted businesses include mid-sized and small enterprises. The Bank has its focus on commercial real estate and commercial and industrial lending. Among many solutions that the Bank intends to offer include mortgages, term loans, and revolving lines of credit. 

Valley Bank has been leading for more than nine decades now. It is aspiring and hoping to explore growth opportunities in the Philadelphia region. Through the high-touch and customized approach of the Bank, the idea is to work alongside businesses to get the hang of their challenges. After that, the Bank wishes to plan tailor-made solutions for them instead of focusing on the one-size-fits-all notion. The Bank’s senior VP, Mwaura Muroki, is a part of the scheme and specializes in business lending in risk assessments, relationship management, and debt financing. 

Yamana Gold To Slash Expenses For Expanding Jacobina Complex In Brazil

Yamana Gold Inc (NYSE: AUY), the Canadian miner, has decided to slash the projected expenses to fund its Jacobina complex expansion in the northeastern Brazil region by 74%. The tests at the miner’s processing plant have gone much better than expected. WHILE TALKING WITH REUTERS, the company’s CEO, Peter Marrone, said that the company is hoping to increase the production capacity in the year to 230,000 ounces of gold at its mining complex. The target is set for H2-2023. At present, the capacity is 180,000 ounces. 

At present, the existing plants’ tests hint towards safe management and handling of about 8,500 tonnes of raw material each day. However, the CEO said that it would be essential to build a new facility for processing. Marrone said that the plant had shown much more efficiency than the company had anticipated initially. 

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