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Infinera Corp. (NASDAQ:INFN) Facilitates AJC’s Network Expansion Drive

Infinera Corp. (NASDAQ:INFN) provides core technology on which communications networks operate. Notably, the firm has diverse interest and experience in Packet Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching which serves communications companies. In this light, the firm recently participated in a network upgrade for Australia-Japan Cable (AJC).

An upgrade without much interruption

The AJC runs between Australia and Japan and also connects the countries to Guam. Notably, the submarine cable system runs a distance of 12,700 Km which implies a lot of work for the upgrade. In particular, the cable system initially had a lit capacity of 40+40 Gbps as of RFSD but is now higher with the new upgrade.

Interestingly, the recent upgrade took place without much interruption in the operation of the cable system. Due to the upgrade, the cable system now uses the Infinite Engine Capacity developed by Infinera. In particular, this is merely an upgraded fourth-generation technology that is taking over from DTN-X network. This is also a creation of Infinera which was installed in 2014 as an upgrade to the initial technology.

According to AJC’s CEO, David Crofts, the newest technology is easy to use and has much more capacity per pair of fiber. Interestingly, the CEO noted that the technology works better than advertised. As such, AJC will reliably “deliver multi-terabit capacity with low power consumption and the reliability required for subsea networks.”

mTera is cost efficient

In addition to helping AJC upgrade its cable system, Infinera recently helped a Power Nets Japan (PNJ) affiliate scale its infrastructure. Notably, the firm selected Infinera for its mTera® Universal Transport Platform that cost-efficient. In particular, the solution will help the firm increase the flexibility of its services as well as the ability to meet demand. Interestingly, this is in response to growth in demand for high-speed services by residential as well as enterprise customers.

Notably, the solution will enable the PNJ affiliate to “create a more efficient means of delivering local and regional end-user services, including data center interconnect, private cloud, and high-speed internet access.” As such, the affiliate will be able to provide services without fear of unpredictability of failure.

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