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Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDTI) Unveils Digital Smart Refrigerators Gas Sensor Platform For Refrigeration Air Quality Applications

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDTI) slumped in the last trading session by 0.02% to close the day at $48.36.

The movement comes at the back of the company launching the IDT ZMOD4450 refrigeration digital gas sensor that enables manufacturers to enhance the capabilities of smart refrigerators in detecting and mitigating odor.

The ZMOD4450 sensor platform

The refrigeration gas sensor platform has the ability to detect gases released by spoiling vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meat products by allowing smart fridges to give alerts through their mounted door displays, provide notifications to users through smartphones or even trigger deodorizing systems on their own.

Uwe Guenther, IDTI’s industrial group general manager, stated that their ZMOD4450 digital gas sensor enables the smart refrigerator manufacturers to maintain an edge in the ever competitive market by enabling them to have the ability to mitigate odors as well as reducing waste as a result of spoilage.

Besides the exclusive capabilities, the ZMOD4450 offers to consumers it is similarly an excellent solution to numerous air quality applications in refrigeration.

How does it work?

The ZMOD4450 software has been designed with the capability of sensing a wide range of odor-producing gases that affect the quality of food taste as well as those causing food to spoil. Some of the gases that the software detects include hydrogen sulfide, ethylene, dimethyl sulfide, as well as trimethylamine among others. The ZMOD software will detect these gases and notify the consumer to identify the spoiling food and discard it before affecting the rest of the foods. For instance, an overripe fruit will release ethylene which accelerates the process of ripening of other nearby fruits.

Each sensor has its ethylene calibration for consistency purposes for the different portion which is vital for manufacturers who have long run productions. The ZMOD4450 devices provide the best in class dependability and thus they are qualified for harsh use instances from the unprecedented characterization of life.

The ZMOD4450 is the latest addition to the company’s ZMOD™ gas sensors.

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