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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) And Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to Speed Up The Unveiling Of 5G Application

Most people will are familiar with 5G, but they can hardly define the network. Some consider it to be the 5G wireless technologies between the internet and their devices, but that is one way to look at the network. The second approach would be to look at the network in terms of the way 5G access points link up to the rest of the internet. Edge and cloud computing are the common terms to describe the connecting process in question. Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) want to offer customers an improved experience. That is why they are coming together to enhance the edge software services.

Striking partnerships

Google Networking general manager Shailesh Shukla says that the new move is a step in the right direction for the two businesses. The telecommunications stack consists of hardware providers, application providers, global telecoms, carriers, and Communications Service Providers (CSP). Shukla calls upon all the above-mentioned parties within the telecommunications stack to remain open to striking progressive partnerships, a thing he observes as the future of progressive business.

The official believes that there is quite a lot to gain from striking such partnerships, part of reducing costs. The official has also emphasized the great need to open up new business lines and channel efforts and resources in supporting enterprises with a cloud-native 5G network.

Top officials’’ perspectives

The partnership with intel pulls along as a game-changer in the deployment of edge network solutions. Shukla sees the development of reference technologies and software as attributes that will play a significant role in accelerating the process.

The general manager of the Network Platforms Group, Dan Rodriguez, seems quite pleased about deploying the 5G network. He believes that the service providers are now on course to achieving a rapid transition to cloud-native technologies.

Rodriguez sees the collaboration with Google as the start point towards delivering outstanding solutions for the emerging 5G and the edge use cases. He also welcomes the rest of the broader ecosystem to collaborate with Google and the rest to provide scalable solutions. Customer experience comes first, according to him, and that they will continue working towards keeping them happy with the best services.

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