Inuvo Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: INUV) Unveils its Second Quarter 2021 Preliminary Unaudited Revenue

Inuvo Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: INUV) happens to be one of the best-performing companies in delivering marketing technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It has been serving a vast diversity of agencies and brands, and today it announces its second-quarter preliminary unaudited revenue. This is its 2021 performance, and it is a great turn considering its achievement of about $12.4 million in revenues. The figure mentioned above represents a 63% rise from where it stood in the 2020 second quarter.

An earlier projection indicated the IntentKey revenue to rise in the 2021 second quarter, outlining a 40% year-over-year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Inuvo, Rich Howe, opined, “As we head into the second half of the year, which is typically our seasonally better half, the performance of the business across both the IntentKey and ValidClick in Q2 sets the stage for continued growth throughout 2021. ValidClick’ s current largest client, a top 5 company in the world, grew over 400% YOY and the IntentKey added 10 new clients in Q2.”

Where does the company stand in the communication service segment?

Analysts have been assessing the communication services sector for quite a while, and they have been objective to learn about where Inuvo Inc stands. Determining its position has been done somewhat objectively, and that has been through checking its ratings. It happens to be rated at 34, indicating the company as having about 34% stocks. 

Analysts also focused on the communication services segment, and it scored highly in this case scenario. Its ranking turned out to be 70% higher than the rest of the stocks within the segment. 

What do the rankings imply?

The search for the stock for any investor to choose could be a complex undertaking. To begin with, most investors struggle with having to choose from the huge diversity comprising of thousands of options. Every investor seeks to settle down for the ultimate value, and that is where the rankings come into the picture.

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