IQIYI Inc – ADR (NASDAQ: IQ) Associates with Tsinghua University to Added Improve Video Flowing Excellence with Adaptive Bitrate Algorithms

IQIYI Inc – ADR (NASDAQ: IQ) has announced that a paper on refining video flowing class co-published with Tsinghua University was titled the Best Paper Award Runner-Up at the International Conference on Quality of Service (IWQoS) 2021. The conference is conjointly held by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Paper presented in a highly respected environment

The paper jointly published by the two entities, “Understanding and Improving User Engagement in Adaptive Video Streaming,” offers a measurable model of handler involvement measurement aligned on user rendezvous. Furthermore, through full authentication via the Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Service (ABS) on iQIYI’s Cloud, the ideal can help consumers enjoy a suave observing knowledge for an extended period and in diverse situations.

IWQoS is a greatly respected setting where original concepts on all QoS-related topics are offered. The present prize marks another global educational acknowledgment for iQIYI.

Numerous user settings—such as viewing a video while traveling on public conveyance—can reason intense network roil and a dogged pause. To evade any impoverishment in the observing involvement, iQIYI and TNS set up a combined investigation team to improve the involvement of protracted watching by leveraging iQIYI’s on-demand flowing records and the ABS able bitrate stage on the Cloud.

Intensely dedicated to refining musical knowledge across situations and plans, iQIYI has long fixated on increasing skills for intelligent bitrate algorithm optimization and holdup decrease. Equated with the control collection, iQIYI’s present skill can decrease the time-lag proportion by 15-30%, producing a 25% surge in the proportion of flowing time at a resolution 1080P or beyond.

IQIYI Inc deepens Global Partnership with Dolby

IQIYI announces its strategy to convey Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to iQIYI’s global app in 191 nations across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North America. It is a portion of iQIYI’s continuing impetus as it nurtures its charm to global viewers. Dolby Vision avowals ultra-vivid imaging — unbelievable illumination, divergence, color, and particulars bringing pictures to life. Dolby Atmos plunges clients into their preferred showbiz with a sound that interchanges all around them with magnificent practicality. iQIYI International VIP remunerated subscribers in both Typical and Exceptional rows with attuned expedients can now relish celebrated Asian content with unmatched audial and video from the coziness of their households and on the go.

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