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IQIYI Inc – ADR (NASDAQ: IQ) DRM Technology Achieves China Patent Excellence Award

IQIYI Inc – ADR (NASDAQ: IQ), a China-based market-leading online environment service, has announced that its proprietary Digital Rights Management (DRM) has been honored with a China Patent Excellence Award.

Award signifies IQIYI strength: The 22nd WIPO-CNIPA (World Intellectual Property Office – China National Intellectual Property Administration) has appreciated the company’s proprietary “Digital Rights Management (DRM) Key Storage and Reading Method and System.” As a result, the technology is honored with a China Patent Excellence Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design. The award identifies outstanding achievements in the protection of IP (Intellectual Property) rights.

iQIYI’s technology, self-developed, is the first Digital Rights Management system developed by a Chinese internet video platform to get certification from China’s most prestigious DRM organization (China DRM Lab). The award is honored by WIPO-CNIPA is the only recognition of a patent invented in China. Furthermore, the award signified IQIYI’s capability in digitals rights protection, on a crucial part of Intellectual Property protection and receiving greater attention.

DRM technology prevents digital content: As per the company, based on technologies, Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a crucial technology that can prevent the content (digital) from being pirated during online transmission. The technology has two components; the implementation of DRM standards and security protection. As a result, the iQIYI’s DRM system, it’s more effective in preventing attackers from pirating video files and safeguarding the rights of content creators.

The iQIYI’s protection technology benefits users from the company’s proprietary intellectual property rights. Compared with externally purchased Digital Right Management systems, the system developed in-house provides advantages with broader adaptability, patching, and lower communication costs. In addition, the effective integration of the in-house developed DRM system and iQIYI’s content system together deliver stable performance and at a lower cost. As per the company, iQIYI will continue to enhance its innovation capability in the digital content space on copyright protection and help the industry to work on the issue to develop a more healthy entertainment ecosystem.

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