Ironsource Ltd (NYSE: IS) Launches Aura On Samsung Devices in India

A leading business platform of the App Economy, Ironsource Ltd (NYSE: IS), announced its solutions suite for telecom operators and OEMs- ‘Aura’ on Samsung devices in India, following existing affiliations with Samsung Russia, Europe, South East Asia. The Aura suite facilitates Samsung India to optimize the device experience for consumers with applications, services, and content relevant to them. Moreover, the multiple touchpoint options are powered by Aura’s Artificial Intelligence and machine language learning capacities, developing the number of valuable engagements between Samsung India and their consumer throughout the lifecycle of a device. These intelligent recommendations generate more value to the users, assisting in increasing NPS and reducing churn. 

Sanjay Razdan’s Statement 

Sanjay Razdan, Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India, said that they frequently create superior services and products for their customers at Samsung. They have partnered with ironSource to deliver the best content and most customizable experience for their customers through the lifecycle of their device. 

Native and Dynamic Initial Setup

The majority of the mobile owners download content on the day they turn on their devices for the first time. During this time of the onboarding process, Aura delivers Samsung India consumers a native and dynamic initial setup experience, with intelligent recommendations of local and international content from established and new brands to quickly find content that fits their needs. 

The consumer is presented with a related content selection experience using machine learning capabilities when they are highly involved in customizing their new devices. The experience will last throughout the device’s lifecycle, with in-life touchpoints that enable Samsung India to keep providing valuable and relevant services and content to drive consumer engagement, increase gratification and create long-lasting relationships with their consumers. Moreover, this experience is available on most Galaxy smart devices. 

ironSource Aura is utilized by some of the world’s dominating telecom operators and OEMs, comprising Orange, Boost, Samsung, and Vodafone, with roughly 180 million users as of December 2020. 

Besides, Arnon Harish, President, and co-founder of ironSource, said that content delivery through an application source gives a generic experience that isn’t adapted to the specific user and which does little to advance the user’s experience on the consumer’s device.

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