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Iteris Inc. (NASDAQ:ITI) Agrees To Integrate ClearAg On CropMetrics’ Smart Irrigation Platform

Iteris Inc. (NASDAQ:ITI) develops smart technologies that target all the significant sectors globally. Notably, ClearAg is so far the most promising of its solutions. In the sense of agriculture, ClearAg provides the best guidance regarding soil quality and ability to sustain abundant growths. As such, CropMetrics intends to leverage this expertise to help its users operate more efficiently.

ClearAg to help farmers detect crop diseases before they become critical

The core technology at the center of this agreement is the hyperlocal capability of ClearAg. According to the developers, the platform is data intensive, a resource which ClearAg has in abundance. Notably, the solution uses the rich data sets to create a hyperlocal platform where users can easily access. Further, the solution models as per various preferences and also according to the data on soil fundamentals.

Interestingly, CropMetrics management hopes to leverage the prowess that Iteris projects drive further value for the firm’s supply chain. According to Nick Emanuel, Founder, and CEO of CropMetrics, the ClearAg solution will help farmers to conduct smart irrigation of their farms. This is to that the AI-enabled solution can go beyond just soil quality. The solution, interestingly, helps to determine the time and frequency for irrigating crops.

“With ClearAg, We are excited that we can further strengthen our data-driven platform, allowing growers even more tools to optimize their irrigation practices,” said Emanuel.

ClearAg with Hummingbird’s solutions to provide best-in-class analytics

Besides, to use in smart irrigation, the answer is also finding use cases in crop analysis and early warning. Notably, ClearAg facilitates crop analysis from elevated vantage positions, could even be the sky. Interestingly, the firm partnered UK’s Hummingbird Technologies which will use the AI-powered ClearAg to detect such critical incidences like crop disease. Notably, the solution also enables users to identify diseases early in crops before they reach perilous level.

Interestingly, Hummingbird serves clients in diverse geographical regions including the UK, Australia, Brazil, Russia, etc. In particular, Hummingbird will integrate Iteris into its AI-based platform that analyses crops. Further, this includes integration of Hummingbird’s remote-sensing capabilities to provide precise analytics that will lift production to higher levels.

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