Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ: JAGX) Announces Conclusion of Investigator-Originated Stage 2 HALT-D Study

Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ: JAGX) completes the third-party, investigator-initiated Stage 2 HALT-D study assessing the efficacy of Mytesi® (crofelemer) for the indicative respite of diarrhea in HER2 progressive breast cancer patients getting chemotherapy with trastuzumab, pertuzumab, and docetaxel.

Synopsis of study fallouts proffered by the third-party gumshoes to December 2021 San Antonio Breast Disease Seminar

The investigators of the study, supported by Georgetown University and backed by Genentech, have submitted an extract of the consequences to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference for deliberation for exhibition at its December 7-10, 2021 occurrence. Per the conference’s rules, the substances of the summary or connected investigation, if acknowledged, are under restriction until the planned time of staging at the occasion.

As beforehand announced, the HALT-D study is distinct from the ongoing fundamental Stage 3 scientific pilot of crofelemer for prevention of diarrhea in grownup cancer patients getting directed treatment introduced in October 2020 by Napo Pharmaceuticals, Jaguar’s exclusively owned subsidiary.

Dragon SPAC S.p.A. and Napo EU S.p.A. close financing of Dragon SPAC for gross earnings of around 8,830,000 euros

Dragon SPAC S.p.A. and Napo EU S.p.A., the Italian subordinate of Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which is the solely sustained U.S. subsidiary of Jaguar Health, have announced the conclusion of the bankrolling of Dragon SPAC for gross incomes of around 8,830,000 euros.

It signifies the formerly announced $10.8 million of backing from Jaguar into Dragon SPAC using resources from the fresh listed direct contribution for the advantage of Jaguar’s wholly-owned Italian subsidiary. Net incomes from the private engagement will be used to endow Dragon SPAC’s anticipated corporate grouping with Napo EU and the actions of the united Napo EU/Dragon SPAC unit resultant from the Union. The Fusion is projected to be actual within around 80 days.

Napo EU was fashioned to enlarge access to plant-based drugs crofelemer and lechlemer to Europe (not including Russia) to tackle important unmet gastrointestinal medicinal wants. Through Napo Pharmaceuticals, Jaguar will bid Napo EU with an élite authorization to study, mature, and commercialize crofelemer for this section of the European marketplace for meticulous marks.

Napo EU’s principal accent is on hurrying the augmented interim promotion approval corridor from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for crofelemer for an acute orphan-designated illness: duodenal botch with petite bowel disorder.

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