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Japanese Telecommunications Carrier To Use Infinera Corp. (NASDAQ:INFN)’s New mTera® Universal Transport Platform With Data Encryption Capability

Infinera Corp. (NASDAQ:INFN) has announced that they are collaborating with NEC Networks and Systems Integrated Corporation (NESIC) to supply joint packet and optical solution to Japanese telecommunications carrier that is affiliated to Power Nets Japan. The Japanese Telecom has chosen Infinera’s mTera® Universal Transport Platform as a way to cost-efficiently upgrade their network structure as well as enhance the flexibility of their network since high network speed is a prerequisite for the increase in demand for network capability. The choice of Infinera comes after they announced the progress of the encryption of data on their first layer optical transport network.

Use of the Infinera mTera platform

The mTera® Universal Transport Platform is expected to be deployed by the Japanese carrier between major metropolitan centers and core data sites as a way of supporting high interconnectivity. Similarly, the use of the platform is expected to increase flexibility as well as create an efficient way of delivering regional and local end-user services that include fast internet access, the interconnection of data centers and offering a private cloud.

The partnership with NESIC

The company has a collaboration with NESIC through which their mTera platform will offer the utility based telecom a flexible transport solution that has the ability to support well defined universal switching software such as Carrier Ethernet, Optical Transport Network, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, and Multiprotocol Label Switching Transport Profile in single system designs that are supposed to be more efficient. The systems are however expected to have the option of having an integrated thick division wavelength that has multiplexing layering that depends on ROADM technology. The compact solution that is power efficient has been designed in a way it can give exceptionally dense terabits per second thus boosting the capacity of universal switching to 12 terabits per second of the full switching capability per rack.

According to the Infinera’ Senior Vice president Worldwide Sales, Bob Jandro, the bandwidths demands are becoming unpredictable each day, and thus telecommunication companies are looking to obtain mobile transport solutions that can enhance scaling while at the same time offering operational advantages that can allow the companies to manage and deploy services in an efficient way. Jandro equally indicated that teaming up with NESIC is a great step towards helping Japanese telecommunication companies in future-proofing their network system by using mTera solution’s universal switching and conveyance capacity.

The Infinera mTera platform is expected to enhance end to end user system that comprises the Transcend Chorus Network and Infinera’s 7100 Packet Optical Transport platforms.

mTera data encryption

With an increase in the global rate of cybercrime, Infinera has equally announced that they are adding new layer 1 OTN that has data encryption abilities on the mTera platform. This will enable the mTera platform to offer layer 1 OTN encryption in multi-layered switching and multi-terabit platforms which allows network operators to distinguish individual and multiple services through selective encryption. The data encryption capabilities on Layer 1 OTN on the mTera platform are only enabled via a software application on a 100 gigabits per second wire speed but can be sub-rate leased on the line services with OTN, SDH, SONET or Ethernet as well as other interfaces.

Uwe Fischer, the Senior Vice President for System Solutions Business Group at Infinera, indicates that due to the increased network attacks from cyber criminals it is essential to secure customer traffic in telecommunications companies providing internet content as well as other services. The vice president adds that their technology that is the Layer 1 OTN data encryption that they have added to their mTera platform is the best as it can help operators in diversification and expansion of their services while at the same time protecting customer privacy and data.

The stock has been falling significantly on good volumes in the last couple of months. It lost 0.26% to close at $3.86 with 2.6 million shares traded. It has breached its 200-Days MA of $4.88.

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