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Jean Hobby Joins As Board of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (NYSE:HPE); Company Declares $0.1125 Cash Dividend Per Share

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (NYSE:HPE) has announced changes in their Board of Directors with Jean Hobby joining as a member of the board and Meg Whitman deciding not to go for re-election.

Regular cash dividend

The company has also indicated that their Board of Directors has released a $0.1125 regular cash dividend per share of the common stock. The declared dividend is the company’s second for FY2019 that will be payable on April 3 to record shareholders by close of business on March 13. Currently, the company has an outstanding common stock of approximately 1.4 billion.

Appointment of Jean Hobby

The announcement for the appointment of Jean Hobby as a Board of Directors member of Hewlett Packard Enterprise takes effect immediately. Pat Russo, the Hewlett Packard Board of Directors chairman, said that they were delighted that Jean was joining the board and with her, she brings important leadership skills and finance, technology and strategic operations experience.

Jean joins from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where she served as a global strategic officer. Has been at PWC for 33 years and has held a range of leadership positions. She led the U.S Technology Media and Telecom sector group as well as serving as a CFO. Equally, she served as the Global Engagement partner for companies such as ICL, Metro PCS, AT&T, and Alltel Corporation.

Antonio Neri, the HPE CEO, said that Jean has the necessary technical experience and skills which will be important in driving the HPE investments in innovation. He added that the company was delighted to have such strategic counsel and guidance from the board.

Ms. Hobby said she was honored to join the HPE board of Directors and she has been in admiration of the innovation legacy and their deep dedication to their customers.

Meg Whitman is stepping down from HPE where she has been a Board of Directors member and CEO since 2015. Whitman said the transition and transformation that HPE has had in recent times put the commonly in a strong position and they have experienced leadership that can steer their strategy.

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