Jiuzi Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: JZXN) Provides Details About The Strategic Cooperative Agreement With Hemei (Zhejiang) Auto Holdings Co. Ltd

Jiuzi Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: JZXN) supports the operating entity Zhejiang Jiuzi New Energy Vehicles Co. Ltd to enter a strategic cooperation agreement. This entity strikes its latest deal with Hemei (Zhejiang) Auto Holdings Co. Ltd. Both parties seek to enjoy bilateral gains, which they seek to achieve through resource sharing. 

Details about the cooperation

They aspire to succeed in their quest to come up with a unique smart logistics system. The aspiration is to mobilize resources to achieve massive success with their new city logistics business models. 

The two entities believe that through joint efforts, they will succeed at pivoting safe, efficient, clean, and green logistics services. They also look forward to tapping into the massive growth opportunities in the sector. 

Home Auto is making preparations to start delivering 2,000 intelligent lightweight delivery vehicles to Jiuzi New Energy. Jiuzi New Energy will rely on its stores in the Zhejiang province to undertake the selling activities. The two entities exude confidence in the capabilities of these vehicles, outlining that they will provide significant efficiency in the delivery of products to customers’ doorsteps. It is a new and exciting dynamic that beats the traditional way of the nearest pick-up station. They are happy that they will be a “breath of fresh air” in resolving most of the “final one-kilometer” dilemma issues. 

Perspectives from top officials

The company’s CEO says that they will remain dedicated to retail business activities focusing on the new energy vehicles and hopes they will scale higher to become pioneers in the industry. He is impressed with the company’s IPO, outlining that they are proud of everything that comes with that. He points specifically to the company’s rise to become one of its publicly listed Chinese companies. He was talking mainly about the U.S. capital market sector.

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