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Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) And Three Year Partnership To Support Implementation Of Telefonica’s Fusion Network Program

Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) lost 0.11% in the last trading session to end the day at $27.57.

This is at the heel of the company and Telefonica announcing the iteration of Telefonica’s Spain Fusion Network projects that aims at meeting the increased connectivity in the region for three years.

The Fusion Network

The Fusion Network was designed to improve the mobile customer experience for business and residential services in Spain. Since the conception of the project across the core and edge of the network in 2015 there has been growing demand for services beyond projections that had expected about 250% increased from 2015 to 2019. Telefonica has been evolving its network to meet customer needs through network connectivity enhancements, 5G and IoT, personal and professional content streaming as well as the adoption of cloud services. The Fusion Network program will increase the performance of the company’s mobile core and also offer high-speed links to cloud services and major content provider platforms across the globe.

 Leveraging Juniper solution

For Telefonica to succeed in implementing the Fusion Network, they will nonetheless need a range of Juniper solutions. They will employ Juniper’s MX 10K series to provide a network for content providers including the upgrading of the existing MX series with MPC110 and MPC11E powered by Penta Silicon. Juniper’s Penta Silicon is vital for the growth of the Fusion Network in place already, and it will enhance it to deliver 100GbE density as well as support the evolution to 400GB3 interfaces.

The three-year support collaboration agreement will enable Telefonica to leverage the expertise of Juniper through the professional services division for the maintenance and installation and also through remote support by combining JTAC and Telefonica’s Proactive support.

Speaking on the announcement, Joaquin Mata the Telefonica Chief Technology Officer indicated that the partnership with Juniper demonstrates the commitment of the company in its technology transformation strategy. Bikash Kolev, Juniper Network’s CTO, stated that the success of the Fusion Network shows how they have been involved in the developing of the network in every stage in providing future proof technological innovations.

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