Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN) Enters a Multiyear Agreement With a Recognized Japanese Electronics Company for Full-Color LED Microdisplays on Silicon

Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN) has entered a multiyear agreement with a top-performing Japanese electronics Company. The new partner focuses on the development and the production of advanced consumer products. The two come together in a joint move that we see them manufacture superbright 2K x 2K full-color Light Emitting Diode (LED) microdisplays on silicon.

The deal’s blueprint

Kopin discloses that it will work as per the terms of the agreement, in which case it will focus on the development and the supply of its proprietary backplane silicon wafers. In addition, the new collaborator will focus on color conversion processes. 

These two companies exude confidence in their abilities to give a great demonstration of the 1″-diagonal full-color 2K x 2K LED microdisplays within 24 months. It is a development program with a lot in common with Kopin’s previously announced program with Jade Bird Display. The two focused on the development of superbright monochrome LED microdisplays. They had up to 4 million nits.

One of the best attributes about the LED microdisplays happens to be their low power consumption, super high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angle. All of the above features happen to be crucial for wide-ranging applications, including mixed reality (MR) applications and the see-through augmented reality (AR).

However, the LED microdisplay still happens to be in its early stage of development, and it still requires the implementation of significant new process developments. Such developments include the color conversion of blue emission to red or green and bonding of LED arrays to Si backplane. Kopin shines out as the pioneer in LED microdisplays on Si technology and has some of the earliest patents.

Fan’s take

The CEO of Kopin Corporation, Dr. John C. C. Fan, opines, “We are very excited to collaborate with our partner who has already achieved some important milestones in color LED microdisplay development. In addition, we find our areas of expertise to be very complementary in tackling the challenges of developing the 1”-diagonal 2K x 2K full-color LED microdisplays.”

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