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KULR Technology Group Inc (NYSE: KULR) Obtains Special License from the U.S. Department of Transportation

KULR Technology Group Inc (NYSE: KULR), a foremost designer of next-generation lithium-ion battery safety, proclaimed today it obtained a special license from the U.S. DoT approving the conveyance of example, lithium cells and batteries on-board freight airplanes. Example lithium batteries are only sanctioned for carriage on freight carrying airplanes from or within the U.S. when DOT permits. The special license approves the production, mark, trade, and usage of KULR’s mainly intended wrapping to convey prototype lithium cells and batteries checked in or crammed with gear.

The permitting of KULR’s license marks significant growth for the company as it endures safeguarding logistical associates for air, nautical, and ground load conveyance of lithium batteries. As battery skill endures to grow, and even harmless projects are advanced, the aptitude for producers to ship example booths and batteries airborne is acute to provision sustained battery novelty.  But, on the other hand, the aptitude to grow and entree new cell and battery constructions and conformations are harshly inhibited. Thus, for example, lithium battery booths cannot speedily reach their requisite endpoint.

 KULR’s additional license yielding authenticates the profitable and supervisory feasibility of its passive propagation resistant (PPR) answer. In October 2020, the Consumer Product Safety Commission described KULR’s design explanations that could stop fires and bangs in lithium-ion battery packs and delivered different understandings on the prospect of safe battery expertise.

“When conveying example batteries on-board freight airplanes, it is acute to safeguard the uppermost level of security,” remarked Keith Cochran, KULR President, and COO. “Lithium batteries can present important dangers if they are not correctly sent in parcels that give a high level of security and the aptitude to encompass possible danger. Therefore, KULR’s wrapping was accepted by the U.S. DoT founded on its aptitude to comprehend possible dangers in the improbable event that a cell or battery would knowledge a thermal happening.”

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