Lifeway Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: LWAY) Enters French Market

Lifeway Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: LWAY), a key manufacturer of fermented probiotic products, announced the first-ever expansion into the French market through listing at Costco France.

Fermented dairy products – a staple of the Frech Diet: Lifeway Foods finally entered into the French markets, which as per the management, is quite sophisticated, as fermented dairy products are a staple of the French diet. Lifeway Foods, through Costco, a retailer, will be offering their product. 

The company entered the market with the 250ml mango Kefir bottles, which is available on the shelves of Costco retailer. Costco is one of the loyal and trustworthy retailers, who serves its customers with quality products. With the entry into the French market, the company is confident to mirror image their success in the U.S market with its expansion plans. 

Kefir (probiotic, fermented beverage) market: As per Fortune Business Insights, it is estimated that by 2027, the Kefir market will likely touch $1.23 billion. Kefir is a cultured milk product that is high in calcium, Vitamin D, and Protein. It reduces hunger cravings throughout the entire day and also helps digestion. It also provides 30% of the daily calcium requirement.

In addition, to the above benefit, Kefir also helps boost the immune system, makes bone density strong, etc. Therefore, the demand for products is increasing day by day and is very well accepted by the customers in the U.S, Mexico, French, and Ireland market. Given the exponential growth in the Kefir market, Lifeway Food explores various opportunities to meet the customers’ growing demand in these markets and spread the wings in other nations. This will help the company strengthen its brand and help the company increase its profitability in the time to come, with the growing demand.

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