LightPath Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: LPTH) and RP Optical Focus on the Development of Thermal Cameras for Space Applications

LightPath Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: LPTH) and the Israel-based RP Optical Lab Ltd disclosed details regarding their plan that involves the unveiling of a joint development project. It happens to be a project that will mainly focus on developing Thermal Imaging Cameras fitted with optics based on its proprietary BD6 material for space applications. 

The joint move

RP Optical Lab and LightPath come together, and they will be tapping into the support of the University of Central Florida’s Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL). 

Israel’s Innovation Authority (OCS) ministry of Science and the Space Florida organization happen to be the big names funding the innovative bi-lateral partnership. The project’s blueprint outlines the great need to develop LightPath’s proprietary BD6 infrared optical material to comply with radiation requirements for Space applications. The essence of the whole thing is to make it space compatible.

The project commences almost the same time that LightPath wants to resolve the BD6 coating yield problem.

Leaders speak out

LightPath’s CEO Sam Rubin speaks about how LightPath has remained dedicated to providing optical components that have benefited Space deals for many years. In addition, lightPath parts continue to prove somewhat helpful in the orbiting of satellites and some other crucial outer space missions. 

Rubin opines, “In recent years, we have been witnessing an exponential growth in the launch of space payloads, with more than 1,300 nano satellites having been launched in the first six months of this year. LightPath is seeing growth in demand for optics to be used in such space applications, for imaging, analysis and optical communication between satellites.”

The official considers optimizing their proprietary BD6 infrared material to be a great move towards continuing their activities geared towards serving the space segment with qualified and suitable optics.

The CEO at RP Optical Lab, Ran Carmeli, supports the latest move and looks forward to unveiling their new satellite camera system.

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