Liquid Media Group Ltd.’s (NASDAQ: YVR) CEO Ronald Thomson Discusses Significance of Partnerships in Growing Viewership

Liquid Media Group Ltd.’s (NASDAQ: YVR) CEO Ronald Thomson recently discussed in a series of media appearances and interviews how the dotstudioPRO partnership will open the door to over 815 million viewers globally and its acquisition objectives. 

Partnerships offer more viewers 

The dotstudiPRO partnerships give more viewers access through over-the-top platforms such as ROKU, Tubi, Amazon Prime, and more. Thomson’s detailed industry discussion with indiefilmTO in the run-up to the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) gave details for mini-majors, studios, and independent producers who would like to collaborate with Liquid to have their professional initiatives packaged, delivered, financed, and monetized.

According to a Mergermarket publication, Liquid is a subscription-based news solutions provider for a worldwide investment community of more than 200,000 readerships. Notably, its investment community included accounting and law firms, venture capital and private equity firms, and investment banks. The company aims at around 20 acquisition targets and recently announced its first three transactions with two in advanced stages. 

Liquid focusing on the acquisition of companies with revenue of over  $10M 

Thomson said, “To date, Liquid Media has [focused on] companies with up to USD 10M in revenue, though [we] would look at larger deals,” Thomson told Mergermarket, which reports on corporate merger and acquisition (M&A) news. The article also detailed that “targets tend to be clustered in media and entertainment meccas such as Hollywood/Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, the UK, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.”

In a recent interview via indiefilmTO, Thomson discussed joint ventures, acquisitions, and partnerships.  He said, “We can partner [or] joint venture with companies, and that’s often a very efficient way of doing things,” Thomson told indiefilmTO. “Some of these core competencies [across the four stages of Liquid Media’s business engine] we would like to…utilize by owning in-house…We’ve announced our first three acquisitions [including iNDIEFLIX, Filmocracy and iGEMStv]. They all sit in our fourth stage, which is the monetization stage.”

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