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Lumen Technologies Inc (NYSE: LUMN) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) to Focus on Enhancing Enterprise Application Delivery

Lumen Technologies Inc (NYSE: LUMN) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) have agreed to move into a strategic relationship that seeks to benefit their mutual customers significantly. The two believe that their cooperation will make it easy to shape the next generation of enterprise application delivery. 

The cooperation between Lumen Technologies Inc and Microsoft

The companies as mentioned above have quite a lot to benefit from each other. For example, The Lumen platform walks into a future to employ the Microsoft Azure capabilities in running its operations. Lumen Technologies exudes confidence in the move and asserts it will benefit their mutual customers significantly. Such customers will enjoy greater flexibility by utilizing the global Edge Computing services of Lumen in running most of their Microsoft-based solutions. According to analysts, the new cooperation and the changes it sparks about are something users should be happy about. It is cooperation geared towards the provision of the most secure as well as the fastest platforms for applications and data.

Shaun Andrews perspective 

The executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Lumen, Shaun Andrews, opines, “Working with Microsoft, Lumen will offer businesses and developers capabilities at the edge that are unique in the industry. By deeply integrating more of our platform services with Microsoft Azure, we can help businesses quickly utilize their data for the insights they want and need, with the ability to support unique and customized use cases.”

Andrews seems pretty excited about the most recent innovations, outlining that they expose their mutual customers to some of the most amazing digital experiences. In addition, the leader reveals that they are aspiring to expand Azure to the edge of their global network.

The two companies seem focused on expanding their collaboration into the future. For example, they want to partner in the future go-to-market efforts, in which case they seek to offer customers outstanding help. 

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