Lumen Technologies Inc (NYSE: LUMN) Launches New On-Net Subsea Fiber Route Between U.S. and France

Currently, almost 70% of organizations and firms are using cloud services due to the wake of COVID-19, and they plan to increase their cloud spending. This excessive cloud usage was creating a spike in demand for data and cloud connectivity services worldwide. Moreover, the need for international bandwidth is nearly doubling every two years, with internet growth increasing shortly on all continents. 

To satisfy the growing need for internet flow and online content between the U.S. and Europe. Lumen Technologies Inc (NYSE: LUMN) aims to increase its network capacity by adding a new on-net route across the Atlantic Ocean using the Google Dunant subsea cable system between Richmond, Virginia, and Paris. 

Alan Mauldin’s Statement

TeleGeography research director Alan Mauldin said that none of the other subsea cable routes comes close to the capacity levels traversing the trans-Atlantic. Also, he believes that there are no questions about whether this new tremendous capacity is required on this route. Therefore, he concludes that Lumen’s decision to expand their capacity makes a world of sense. 

Lumen to Provide Complete Network Diversity to Support Global Organizations

The trans-Atlantic cable connects the Virginia data center corridor in the United States with Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez in French. Moreover, the new Dunant trans-Atlantic system will furnish optimal diversity, custom routing guarantees, and latency. This new Lumen route will provide a secure, diverse trans-Atlantic network option to international businesses and wholesale providers, connecting to the Lumen global 450,000-mile route fiber network. 

Laurinda Pang, Lumen president, said that we are in an era of ‘more.’ However, she also adds that more applications and cloud services needed between continents won’t diminish soon. This statement provides the significance of the Dunant subsea system. 

Besides, the new subsea route provides the Washington, D.C, data center corridor with an efficient and direct connection to Paris and Frankfurt. In addition, Lumen recently announced expanding its fiber network in Europe to strengthen its service in Spain, Switzerland, and France. Furthermore, Lumen aims to deliver its services on the Dunant trans-Atlantic subsea system in September.  

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