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Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) Unveils Lumen Solutions For Microsoft Teams For Efficient Collaboration and Communication

Lumen Technologies  (NYSE: LUMN) has launched Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams to help the organization migrate to efficient collaboration from complex communications. The offering is a unified communication solution leveraging Lumen’s platform to enhance employee productivity, customer support, and business agility. 

Remote working is increasingly becoming popular. 

Businesses and government agencies have been increasingly conscious of the value of remote engagement, business continuity, and unified communication technologies over the past year. Equally, the need for flexibility so that workers could work from anywhere necessitated the creation of Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams.

Craig Richter, Lumen senior product management director, said that few companies were prepared for the pandemic’s challenges.  Ritcher said that businesses could quickly adopt “work from anywhere” rules with Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams since Lumen manages the sophisticated calling and communication capabilities that enable remote working. Notably, customers access a secure worldwide network and a secure and fast platform for applications and data when using the Lumen platform to deliver unified communications solutions.

Lumen solution integrates voice, video, and web services. 

Because the solution integrates previously disparate video, voice, and web services to offer a reliable and consistent user experience across various devices, unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) became critical to maintaining business continuity and offering exceptional customer experience since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can now benefit from Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams, which combines Microsoft Teams’ call and collaboration technologies with Lumen’s expertise in offering a managed user experience with extensive reporting and analytics.

Microsoft Teams Platform Director Daniel Canning said that Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams, which uses Microsoft technology to adjust to a changing workplace, is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the customers it serves. Canning said they are excited that Lumen is expanding Teams’ capabilities when remote work is becoming increasingly important.

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