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Lyft Inc. (NASDAQ:LYFT) Launches Healthcare Program Allowing Patients To Use Rides For Appointments

Lyft Inc. (NASDAQ:LYFT) has unveiled a healthcare program, Lyft Pass for Healthcare, which will allow health care organizations to send patients prepaid passes they can use for rides during doctor’s appointments.

Lyft Pass for Healthcare program allows patients to request a ride from the app

Megan Callahan, Lyft Healthcare VP said that the company has automated a vital aspect of health access, which will allow patients to be in control and self-sufficient. This will therefore allow the company’s partners to focus on services they offer instead of administrative processes. Lyft Pass for Healthcare helps social services agencies and health care organizations to come up with a budget and set pickup and drop-off locations for the patients. Most importantly the organizations can share the pass with a patient that can use it for their ride.

Callahan said that the program will be the first that allows patients to request rides from medical appointments through the Lyft app. She added that eligible Medicare and Medicaid recipients will be able to use the app for medical appointments and sponsoring organizations for planning rides. Usually, patients have been calling a call center where they have to wait in line to talk to a coordinator to book a ride in real-time. Often when a ride or appointment is missed, one has to call back and go through the process over again, but Lyft is now giving customers an option to leverage the Lyft app to give patients autonomy over their healthcare.

Lyft helping patients get to their medical appointments

Currently, the non-emergency medical transportation market is approximately $3 billion. Transport has been a major healthcare barrier, and millions of people put off medical appointments for years because of a lack of means of getting to those appointments. Already Lyft has partnered with several healthcare organizations to help patients schedule trips. However, this new program will make of easier for patients to request rides through the app instead of waiting for the healthcare sponsor to schedule them.

Similarly, Uber Technologies (NYSE:UBER) has a medical transportation program called Uber Health launched in 2019.

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