Market watchlist for SIRI, FAMI, LKCO, IVR

Four stocks to look at are-

Sirius XM Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI) remains on bearish spell

Yesterday, Sirius XM Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI) announced that it signed an exclusive radio deal with Megyn Kelly, and yet the stock underperformed on Thursday. SIRI dropped 1.67%, a fall of 11 cents to exit at $6.46 after moving in the range of $6.41 – $6.55. The 52-week run of this stock is $4.95 – $8.14. At the end of the session, 411K shares were exchanged in the market compared with its average trading volume of 22.04 million. The American broadcasting company has a P/E ratio of 725.03. 

Farmmi Inc (NASDAQ: FAMI) stock falls 67.06% in six months: what’s happening?

Since the beginning of this year, the stock has remained bearish. FAMI has dropped 67.06% in the last six months, while one monthly slide has been 28.33%. This week, the stock went down 9.48%. Thursday’s session was no different. Unfortunately, the investors who expected some respite did not get it since the stock moved south 0.37% to exit at $0.41. FAMI moved within the range of $0.39 – $0.41 throughout the day, and its 52-week run is $0.30 – $2.47. The P/E ratio of this stock is 8.06. 

Luokung Technology Corp (NASDAQ: LKCO) up 2.67% in pre-market today

LKCO, which went down 8.33% on Thursday’s trade to exit at $1.87, is up in the pre-market today by 2.67%. The stock is trading at $1.92. Yesterday, LKCO moved within the range of $1.82 – $1.95, while its 52-week range is $0.36 – $3.86. The market capitalization of this company is $594.37 million. 

Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc (NYSE: IVR) with no visible traction 

IVR stock remained steady on Thursday with no visible traction, but it still outperformed in the market yesterday. The stock exited at $3.45 after trading in the range of $3.33 – $3.51 throughout the day. The yearly range of IVR is $2.53 – $4.60. The stock, however saw a lesser volume of shares exchanged yesterday when compared with its average trading volume of 22.77 million.

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