Medicinova, Inc (NASDAQ: MNOV) And BARDA Reach Agreement To Conduct Mice Study To Develop MN-166 (Ibudilast)

Medicinova, Inc (NASDAQ: MNOV) struck a partnership with BARDA in a quest to manufacture a new substance called MN-166(ibudilast). It hopes that the development of the new product will serve as an effective countermeasure to make life more bearable for patients struggling with chlorine gas-induced lung injury. 

The study geared towards the improvement of patient outcomes

This company and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) remain optimistic about the mouse study and the sheep studies conducted and hope to save many lives. 

The Chief Scientific Officer of MediciNova, Inc, Federico Gaeta, opines, “We are pleased to reach agreement to conduct a study in BARDA’s validated mouse model of chlorine-induced pulmonary injury using higher challenge concentrations. This will be the second animal model study to evaluate MN-166 as a potential rapidly administered treatment for patients exposed to chemical agents such as chlorine.”

Crucial points about the study

Gaeta looks forward to brighter times ahead as the company continues laying down the groundwork to evaluate clinical status, survival rate, and histological changes. This study seeks to strike comparisons between the above-mentioned aspects and control mice.

An earlier study called the ARDS mouse model study brought out some critical aspects regarding MN-166. The most important happened to be the substance’s capacity to spark histological changes. 

The study showed the substance as bearing a property that caused it to attenuate the secretion of inflammatory cytokines, something that provided substantial protection against pulmonary injury. The other important observation had to do with the substance’s capacity to tone down cellular apoptosis in lung tissue. 

Most of the researchers involved in the study conceded that pulmonary edema was indeed a hallmark feature indicating a person’s exposure to chlorine. However, the impressive attribute of the study has to do with the potential of MN-166  towards the improvement of the patients” health outcomes and the saving of lives at risk.

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