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Microsoft Announces Enhances The Customer Data Platform (CDP) Amid The Pandemic To Help Customers

Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) has made some improvements to the customer data platform launched in February 2019 in a bid to offer more data insights to customers during the pandemic.

CDP launched to offer insight into customers for data

When the company launched CDP the focus was the connection of silos of data to assist customers in getting the data into the system, but the pandemic changed with deeper insights required to understand customer behavior. The improvements offer more insight into customer behavior and intent with cross-channel analytics from mobile apps, websites, and connected products.

The president of the company‚Äôs Business Applications Group, James Philips, said that CDP’s objective is drawing a deeper understanding of customer behavior. As a result of the enhanced understanding, Microsoft’s customers can engage their clients through the whole customer lifecycle. Philips said that this is another dimension that Microsoft brings to customer profiles via incorporation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

New enhancement offering deeper insight into customer behavior

This involves tailoring offers, speaking to customers in a way customers prefer to be spoken to, and offering different products that meet customers’ needs. Philips added that the pandemic has transformed customers’ priorities and forced them into making adjustments in the way they interact and do business with their customers. With everything going digital, there is a need for a deeper understanding of customer to enhance efficacy of engagement has increased due to the pandemic.

Among the components that Microsoft announced is Engagement Insights, which means all the data customers have pushed to CPD will help them engage customers in a better way and thus deliver meaningful interactions. The other thing is using AI to help marketers make informed predictions to tailor offers. This leverages Azure Synapse Analytics and offers a pre-designed AI template to assist with predicting customer churn. Microsoft also announced a data governance tool for protecting data, integrated with the Microsoft Customer Voice.

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