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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) And Bosch Collaborate To Develop A World-Class Automotive Software Platform

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Bosch have struck a collaboration that will see the two develop a vehicle software platform. The announcement came out on Thursday, and the two titans vowed to create a top-notch platform to ensure a painless experience for users. The platform users will have an easy time installing automotive over-the-air updates and enjoy other wide-ranging functions that come with the new development.

Merits of the platform

Drivers worldwide have been looking forward to a time when they would gain quicker access to digital services, and the time has come! The two business giants have channeled efforts and resources to ensure drivers easily access the new digital services and functions.

Microsoft has termed safety an essential part of the plan, and it intends to champion the most outstanding automotive quality standards. This business leader admits that the installation of vehicle software updates has always been somewhat complicated, and their collaboration is about sparking change. It has also pointed out trim lines and the variations in models as part of the things that bring about more confusion. A crashed computer system wouldn’t perturb most people, but a crashed vehicle is ultimately a different case.

Automakers worldwide are starting to recognize the importance of adding more amenities and features to their vehicles. The shift is causing them to look at software development in a whole new light. The current computerization bonanza is a step in the right direction, according to Microsoft. Autonomous technology and the quest to deliver better mobility services have taken the center-stage, with most companies embracing new changes to open up a world of new possibilities.

Looking into new possibilities

Both Bosch and Microsoft haven’t yet assigned a name to the new platform, but they have already confirmed that they will base it on Microsoft Azure. Bosch says it will provide some wide-ranging software modules to make the new platform a massive success. Bosch is famous for its expertise in electric vehicle systems, computing technology, and control units. The business giant hopes that all the areas mentioned above will enable all the customers to enjoy the best experiences.

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