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Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Says That Minecraft Java Edition Players Will Need Microsft Accounts To Play From 2021

Minecraft is moving to Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT), and from 2021, players will need to have a Microsoft account to play. The migration is, however, for players using the Java edition of Minecraft.

Minecraft players to switch accounts to Microsoft

For the six years, the company has owned the game, players have been playing without an account. Minecraft exists in two separate versions, and the move from Mojang to Microsoft will only be for the Java version, according to a Microsoft Xbox team spokesperson. The move is mandatory for payers because they will not be able to log in from next year. Therefore players have to move accounts to Microsoft, but it is important to note that nothing is changing except for the login.

In the past, the Minecraft: Java edition has been using Mojang accounts while the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which is for windows store and console version, has been using Microsoft accounts. There will be no crossplay with the integration, and even though accounts will be the same and you can’t play with friends that are still on the other version of the game.

Integration of Minecraft to Microsoft to enhance security

Microsoft acquired Minecraft gaming studio in 2014 for around $17.8 billion, and the move to migrate accounts is to enhance security and clear a roadmap for Minecraft plans. According to Microsoft, the change was necessary, and integration will enhance security for user accounts with two-factor authentication. This means one cannot access your account without your authorization. Other enhancements following the integration include an invitation and chat blocking as well as the connection of all games to one account.

According to the company, players will receive emails in batches on how they can migrate. Also, they will be notified on their profile pages when they can create a new account. Mojang created a video accompanying a blog post explaining the migration and pre-empt player complaints. The video explains user-generated content’s compatibility but doesn’t mention that user names for Java edition will change.

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