Mustang Bio Inc (NASDAQ: MBIO) Pronounces The Encouraging MB-106 Safety And Efficacy Data

The stock of Mustang Bio Inc (NASDAQ: MBIO) dropped to $3.76. An Associate Professor known as Dr. Shadman has presented the updated MB-106 safety and efficacy data, a move that targets helping patients struggling with two serious conditions. The first one happens to be chronic lymphocytic leukemia (“CLL”) and the other is the B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

The Phase 1/2 clinical trial

The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company today presents important details about its ongoing Phase 1/2 clinical trial. This company happens to be rather impressed with the updated interim data, terming it a great move to assist persons struggling with the above-mentioned conditions. 

Initially, the company wanted to discover both the efficacy and safety levels of MB-106 CD20. The initiative might turn out successful, and that is because of the progressive collaboration between the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Mustang.

The data presented by Shadman presents an elaborate cell manufacturing process that has undergone several modifications. For instance, the process has struck a great combination of both the CD4+ and CD8+ cells culture.

The study incorporated about 15 patients in a process that finally presented an overall response rate standing at about 93% (14/15). The company also spoke out about the complete response (“CR”) rate, citing that the figure stood at 67% (10/15).

Focusing on Exela’s win

Exela Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: XELA) has on the other hand presented some interesting news. The company speaks out about how it scaled higher to become a leader in the NelsonHall’s Healthcare Payer BPS NEAT Vendor Evaluation.

The unveiled results are precisely for the current year, in which case the company excelled in four areas. The first and the second areas were Operations Transformation Capability and Member Services Capability. The third and the fourth happened to be Plan Design & Enrollment Capability and Overall Capability respectively. 

The company is also pleased to disclose that it came up on top in areas of Provider Management Capability and High Achiever for Claims & Billing Capability.

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