Nano Dimension Ltd (NASDAQ: NNDM) Stock Trades High At $7.98 In The Premarket

Nano Dimension Ltd (NASDAQ: NNDM) stock is trading higher at $7.98 in the premarket hours on June 7, 2021. Any move above $8.23 could take the stock to $11.50 and further to $15.5. 

Nano Dimension reported revenues of $811,000 (down 58.8% QoQ) in Q1 2021. The drop in sales is on the backdrop of a delay in marketing its DragonFly systems.  Its R&D spending in Q1 2021 rose to $3.732 million (up 119.27%). 

The company holds deposits and a cash balance of $1.471 billion at the end of Q1 2021. However, its net loss is $9.314 million. 

Nano Dimension’s CEO, Yoav Stern, said the company raised capital to advance its business plan in the short term. The company is gradually improving its sales efforts of DragonFly LDM, its early-bird machines, after a long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nano Dimension launched DragonFly LDM® 2.0 system, the next-generation machine, on May 25, 2021. The new product features optimum utilization of ink, improved print quality, and enhanced print uptime.  It is the only device in the world to support simultaneous three-dimensional (3D) printing of conductive and dielectric materials to manufacture Hi-PEDs, the multilayered electronic devices. 

VP of Nano Dimension, Nir Sade, is excited to issue DragonFly LDM® 2.0 update. It is developed with the efforts of its R&D multidisciplinary teams in the past several months. The company will commence the sale of the DragonFly LDM® 2.0 system on June 1, 2021. 

Nano Dimensions responsibly invests in product development. It expedites the R&D of printing technologies and materials to advance its AME product line. 

Takes over Machine Learning Technology

In April 2021, Nano Dimensions took over DeepCube’s Deep Learning/ ML (Machine Learning) technology. It helps the company improve its machines’ performance through self-correcting algorithms, self-improvements, and self-learning. 

Nano Dimensions also purchased Nano Fabrica, DLP Micro-3D-Printing machines, in April 2021. The company would unveil TERA 250 3D-printers, its unique technology targeting aviation, aerospace, industrial, and advanced medical markets. 

The company plans to make the electronics industry an economically efficient and environmentally friendly additive production industry 4.0. 

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