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Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Piloting New Feature To Switch Off “Are You Still Watching” Pop Up

Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is piloting a new feature that lets you turn off the annoying “are you still watching?” pop up and enjoy streaming without interruption.

You will soon switch off the annoying “still watching” pop-up on Netflix

The pesky pop-up usually appears when you watch two episodes of a show in a row without using video controls like pausing or hitting the play next episode button. The company has been saying that the pop-up helps you avoid losing your place or consuming unnecessary data if you are not watching. Currently, the only option to deal with the notification is disabling the autoplay function completely.

There have been complaints from users that the notification makes them feel weird regarding the number of shows they have watched. It forces users to grab the remote and interrupt watching unnecessarily. Users on Twitter and Tiktok have been talking about the option of allowing them to disable the feature and “Play without asking again.” Although Netflix is piloting the feature in select regions, there is no timeline when it will be rolled out globally.

New feature to enhance the watching experience

According to a Netflix spokesperson, a box will appear on the screen asking the user if they want to “play without asking again.” So if you are watching a series and don’t want to be interrupted after every three episodes checking the box will allow you to enjoy your streaming without interruption. However, it is important to note that the “still watching” features could be good especially considering people can sleep on Netflix, which is not good for your bills, the environment, or mind if Netflix is running throughout the night.

With the new feature, users can enjoy shows interrupted because sometimes you may be watching, and then the pop-up appears, and you can find a remote this can be frustrating. The new feature from Netflix is one of the best product updates that will enhance the watching experience.

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