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Nokia And Samsung Enter A Patent Licensing Deal For Video Standards

Nokia has so far made significant contributions to video and multimedia research, and anyone could be right saying that the company has helped set the industry standards. The company’s engineers have been performing remarkably in video research and standardization, something that has gained them global recognition.

Nokia’s engineers remain dedicated

These engineers’ efforts haven’t gone unrewarded, and that is considering that they have won several international awards. Nokia took great pride in its engineers after they got about four Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards, which happens to be a rare occurrence for most companies. Nokia is pleased to announce a deal between it and Samsung, in which the company will put a signature for a new patent license agreement.

Samsung will utilize Nokia’s innovations in video standards to enhance its user experience. In return, Samsung will be paying Nokia royalty payments. The two businesses remain tight-lipped on disclosing the deal’s terms, saying that matters will remain confidential.

Lukander speaks out on the new deal

The President of Nokia Technologies, Jenni Lukander, is quite pleased about the new deal, thanking Samsung for considering its outstanding innovation and capabilities. Lukander sees the latest deal as a showcasing of the trust and confidence that the other companies have in Nokia’s products and innovations.

According to the official, it is validating the company’s investments in R&D and their significant value to business development. The official exudes confidence that they have sparkled significant change in the multimedia and video technology standards and won’t stop in their efforts to bring about more desirable changes. Customers come first, and they will be doing everything possible to improve the user experience.

Nokia sees its patent portfolio as one of its greatest strengths in business. Sources reveal that the company has invested up to €129 billion in R&D over the past two decades and that it continues to channel more resources in other lucrative areas.

Nokia has valued its inventions over the years and hasn’t been discriminating against any party. It licenses its innovations fairly and reasonably, contributing to the great success it continues to enjoy in the market.

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