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Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Reveals Results Of Nokia 5G Matrix Index And The Enhancing The Anyhaul Transport Solutions To 25 Gbps

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) lost 0.49% in the last trading session closing at $6.09 at the back of the company announcing that the results of the 5G maturity index offer operators best planning practices and deployment of 5G services. The company also announced that it had enhanced the Anyhaul transport portfolio to enable operators to prepare for delivery of 5G with throughput speeds of 25 Gbps.

The Nokia 5G Maturity Index

The Nokia 5G Maturity Index was produced through a partnership with Analysys Mason, and it is the first benchmark of the industry regarding 5G operator maturity where will help operators create revenue streams as well as enhance customer services. Most popular uses of 5G include autonomous vehicles and connected cars, mobile connectivity, smart home devices, tactile internet experiences like virtual reality and smart city applications.

Caroline Gabriel, Analysys Mason’s Principal analyst stated that from the Nokia 5G Maturity Index most operators are enthusiastic about 5G with the expectation that its impact will enormous it gets deployed correspondingly with platform transformation to support a wide range of new revenue streams. Although unclear what actions operators should take to attain the goals the Nokia 5G Maturity Index could turn out to be vital bin decision making allowing operators to plot 5g advancement versus an objectively evaluated index.

The Nokia Anyhaul portfolio

The enhancement on the Nokia Anyhaul portfolio include optical, Microwave, IP as well as broadband technologies in the Software Define Networking carrier transport architecture. Nokia Anyhaul is a range of transport solutions that can rapidly and dynamically get provisioned to enable low latency, vast connectivity as well as increase 5G service throughput demands. The portfolio helps operators in the deployment of an optimal mix of transport systems that enhance fabric flexibility to match the exclusive business and network needs.

Phil Twist, Nokia’s marketing and communications VP said that the Anyhaul portfolio was a significant element of the company’s 5G Future X architecture and it empowered customers to take advantage of the potential of the next generation network. It has already been deployed globally and currently is being selected in Japan, the U.S. South Korea, and China.

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