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Nokia (NYSE:NOK) And NCTC Collaboration Set To Benefit Cable And Broadband Operators Immensely

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) has spoken out about its new business cooperation with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). The new working relationship will benefit about 700 broadband and cable operators, according to the company.

The surge in demand for higher-performing broadband

Over the years, Nokia has served a large fraction of the U.S homes with its fiber broadband services. The company’s entry into the latest deal pulls along with wide-ranging benefits to NCTC members and all their clients.

The demand for higher-performing broadband has been rising quite fast, according to Nokia. The brand sees the new partnership as an excellent opportunity to serve the NCTC members and their customers with reliable, efficient, and high-speed broadband services.

Leaders’ thoughts

Nokia’s President Sandy Motley reveals the plans underway to add to PON products’ family. Mortely speaks out on the company’s outstanding capacity in the delivery of diverse fixed and wireless solutions. He hopes the deal might expand to allow it to offer more services.

NCTC members don’t have to worry about upgrade and network expansion challenges, according to Motley. The official says so, considering that these members can access Nokia’s capable team of professionals at any time. This company’s team happens to be experts in handling network upgrade and expansion challenges.

The Senior Director of Procurement, Rob Smith, has applauded the latest partnership on behalf of the other members. Smith considers Nokia to be a reliable technological partner that will enable the members to reach their set business goals. He thinks that the company stands out among the many NCTC partners, outlining that it is the only one that currently offers the 25G symmetrical PON solution. This leader also speaks out on the company’s reliable wired and wireless service portfolio and the continued growth.

Smith considers that Nokia to be a committed member who has made significant contributions to the members’ success over the years. He hopes that their cooperation will stand for many more decades, with all the parties involved benefiting significantly from the partnership.

Nokia’s intervention makes it possible for NCTC members to embrace and apply network automation and management. It is about cutting down on costs and using less effort.

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