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Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) And The Unveiling Of A New O-RAN Collaboration And Testing Center

Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) has made a significant move in the United States following the unveiling of its first Open RAN (O-RAN) Collaboration and Testing Center.

Supporting a better working environment

The company seems rather pleased about its recent move. It terms the move a step towards the right direction to provide an impartial and open working environment that will facilitate the unveiling of O-RAN compliant solutions.

The new center serves as an outstanding collaboration venue that will validate wide-ranging areas. Some of those areas include management, user, and control. The other thing happens to be the O-RAN Alliance specifications’ synchronization plane compliance.

The near-real-time RIC and the Open Fronthaul happen to represent the company’s short-term focus. However, it goes ahead to disclose that there might be some future expansions into the O-RAN interfaces.

Commendable perspectives

The Nokia O-RAN Collaboration and Testing Center happens to be rather versatile, according to analysts. Its design is such that it is in a position to execute the IOT and end-to-end testing for xAPP testing and O-RU/O-DU Open Fronthaul for near-real-time RIC. Moreover, its design is such that it pulls along with several test tools and support nodes that guarantee a collaborative, open, and outstanding test environment.

The other interesting attribute about the center happens to be the weight placed towards protecting the members’ intellectual property and confidential documents. The whole thing revolves around establishing an isolated work areaof data, equipment, andvendor personnel through network segregation, separate secure work areas, and access controls.

The Head of Edge Cloud at Nokia Pasi Toivanen opined,“Our new O-RAN Collaboration and Testing Center highlights our continued commitment towards O-RAN and the development of new solutions.”

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