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Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) and Vodafone Turkey Pilot First Transnational Terabit IP Connection

Today, Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) announced it has fruitfully finished a pilot with Vodafone Turkey, connecting Asia and Europe with the first transnational 1T (terabit) clear-channel IP crossing point. The network volume landmark is part of an enduring transformation exertion to future-proof Vodafone Turkey’s IP planning.

Changing internet traffic configurations from customers, home employees, and industries pushes the volume parameters of operators’ systems. As they look to syndicate gigabit accomplished fixed, and wireless access know-hows, the IP networks that carry this broadband circulation need to measure to keep up.

Using Nokia equipment, the companies could scale up Vodafone Turkey Network

Using Nokia’s 7950 XRS routers with terabit edges driven by Nokia’s FP4 chipset, the two companies could scale up the volume of Vodafone Turkey’s IP network in the sustenance of ensuing generation presentations and entree know-hows.

Nokia’s FP4 terabit line card bids two 1T ports and established positioning keenness by carrying test movement on Vodafone Turkey’s grid. Further, a 10x boost in volume, terabit IP links rationalize employed complexity and cost overhead by sidestepping the necessity to allocate terabit flows on high volume routes over numerous lower rate edges in link combination groups.

The pilot is part of an enduring transformation effort to renovate Vodafone Turkey’s IP network. Nokia is transporting a multi-access mobile conveyance design that will permit the operator to change its transport substructure in a varying business.

Nokia service router portfolios already deployed

Nokia’s 7250 IXR interlock router and FP4-based 7750 Facility Router collections have already been positioned to distribute high volume, low dormancy 5G amenities to Vodafone Turkey’s clientele. Nokia’s podiums support the features and etiquettes that empower SDN control mechanization and optimize claims and use circumstances.

Thibaud Rerolle, CTO at Vodafone Turkey, said: “As we ramp up our distribution of new facilities, we are dedicated to providing the best conceivable class of experience to our clienteles. We endure to trust on Nokia to advance our IP network with industry-leading router novelty and know-how to address our requirements today and for next generation amenities.”

Vach Kompella, Head of IP Networks Division, Nokia, said: “Today’s IP grids are anticipated to handle hundreds of new submissions and facilities for millions of users. The 1T pilot shapes upon Nokia’s forward-thinking routing know-how and platforms to future-proof Vodafone Turkey’s IP system, which aids one of the world’s largest transnational markets. Together we have positively authenticated Nokia’s FP4 founded 1T clear network edge across Asia and Europe.”

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