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Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) Jumps 6% Following The Launch Of Next-Gen ReefShark Powered AirScale 5G Products

Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) jumped 5.89% after the company announced the launch of the latest AirScale 5g products range covering remoter radio head, baseband, and Massive MIMO active antennas having digital beamforming.  

Light 32 TRX easy to deploy 

The company’s latest generation ReefShark System-on-Chip chipsets will power the innovative solution and deliver enhanced network performance and capacity, which will enable efficient operation and deployments. Already rollout of the new products is underway across the globe. 

Nokia unveiled the latest generation ReefShark-powered AirScale massive MIMO antennas with 64TRX and 32TRX products and 8T8R remote radio head solutions. At 17kg, 32TRX is the sector’s lightest and will simplify and enhance site deployments. Interestingly, despite achieving low weight, it also supports high radio frequency bandwidth and delivers high radio frequency power output devoid of compromises. Both the 64TRX and 32TRX MIMO antennas support network sharing cases and a fragmented spectrum.

SoC plug-in cards to boost AirScale System’s capacity 

Also, the company has introduced the new SoC-based plug-in cards to bolster the AirScale System Module’s capacity. With the new ReefShark-run plug-in card delivering a throughput of eight times more, it will be possible to serve additional cells relative to past generations. Installation is simple, and it is possible to extend the operation and upgrade all Aiscale deployments. The Nokia-based model supports up to 90,000 connected users at a go with a throughput of 84Gbps. 

Nokia President of Mobile Networks, Tommi Uitto, said, “ur new generation of ReefShark-powered AirScale radio and baseband products is evidence of the successful transformation of our business and ability to deliver market-leading products to our global customers. Nokia’s new portfolio enables communication service providers to offer both consumer and enterprise customers with cutting-edge 5G experiences with premium speeds, capacity, and connectivity underpinned by seamless, simple, and efficient ‘plug-in’ deployment.”

Notably, the new AirScale solutions are on O-Ran and consumer less energy supporting the company’s climate change commitment.

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