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Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK): Private wireless Network With World’s First MultiFire network

Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK), a trusted partner for the critical network has recently announced the availability of a private wireless networking solution with the industry’s first MulteFire 4.9G/LTE. The new industrial MulteFire by Nokia is available for use along with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC).

The Platform enables fast and straightforward set-up of private wireless network

The availability or access of licensed spectrum was a critical barrier to deploying a new private wireless network. However, the new MulteFire by Nokia (standard UE) and Nokia MulteFire access point are now available to be use with the Nokia Digit Automation Cloud Platform, made the deployment easy. The platform enables easy and quick installation of private wireless connectivity, which is appropriate for temporary deployment for events, construction sites, broadcasting, public safety operations, defense sites, or field operations and permanent networking.

Importance of MultiFire

MulteFire is based on LTE technology, which primarily functions in unlicensed spectrum, including 5GHz band globally. It also helps quickly set up and tear down a private LTE/4G network anywhere that Wi-Fi is allowed in 5x GHz spectrum without worrying about spectrum availability, site footprint, boundaries, regulatory consent, or licensing costs. By providing a simple to use, platform, it can be used by the users immediately without having any access or entry to licensed spectrum. It also brings new capacity as a balancing layer to the wireless networks.

Strengthens Nokia portfolio

The company is the first to provide a MulteFire solution, which is largely approved by industry. The company believes that the new solution (MulteFire UE) complements their market-leading product offerings for industrial grade connectivity solutions and also make life simpler for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

As per the street, it seems that a new platform focus on easing deployment based on a plug-and-play approach could make it a compelling consideration for enterprises concerned about the complexities of managing cellular networking infrastructure.

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