North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USOTC:USMJ) Plans To Launch An e-Commerce Site And Set Their Sales Goal At $10 Million

  • North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USOTC:USMJ) plans to launch an e-commerce site next year as they prepare to enhance their brand by having a sales goal of $10 million in the 2019 financial year. USMJ splits their AmeriCanna Café business with the intention of issuing Priority Aviation, Inc.’s (USOTC:PJET) common stock to USMJ shareholders in a dividend distribution.
  • USMJ’s 2019 marketing campaign to take place through live events and social media running concurrently with the rollout of the AmeriCanna Café marketing campaign.

The e-Commerce site

USMJ has grown their business into a million dollar franchise in the sale of cannabis products, and they are planning to leverage their logistics background to expand their business by launching an e-commerce site to sale their products. The e-Commerce Site has already been built, and it is only waiting for launching in 2019 where the stocked products in their warehouses will be sold online on the site. With all mechanisms in place including the payment engine, all the site waits before going live is the legal sign-off to ensure that they are abiding with the constantly changing regulations. The e-commerce site is expected to be launched before the year ends and USMJ is looking forward to how the e-commerce site will transform the Cannabis market.

The USMJ e-Commerce site is expected to be providing information on the continually changing cannabis industry domain as well as give access to CBD products for pets and people. Similarly, the site will be a source of cannabis products for the cannabis lifestyle community members as it shall provide them with the opportunity to shop for their products quickly.

The spin-off of AmeriCanna Café

As part of the spin-off plans, Priority Aviation has given USMJ a $1.5 million convertible bond as part of the deal for their AmeriCanna Café business. USMJ and Priority Aviation are looking towards converting the $1.5 note into PJET common shares that will be equivalent one Priority Aviation share for every fifty USMJ shares allotted and due. The PJET common shares that shall be issued for conversion in the transaction are supposed to be scheduled for distribution among the shareholders of USMJ in form dividend sharing.

However, before sharing the PJET dividends, there are plans by PJET to update its previous reports acquired by OTCMarkets upfront before issuing the dividends. All the reports are updated, and PJET is waiting for the posting of the same, and they expect everything to be complete before the year ends in readiness for the issuance of the dividends. Although there are holiday schedules that are yet to be completed as required, PJET Management seems determined in pushing forward to have closure by the end of the year.

USMJ 2019 Marketing Campaign and $10 Million sales target

In 2019, USMJ, PJET and West Coast Venture Group (OTCQB:WCVC) have plans to partner in co-marketing AmeriCanna Café in a pilot campaign for a cannabis restaurant in Colorado. The campaign will be in the form of a food truck that will feature pop-up locations that are near the recreational Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado. USMJ is also expected to introduce 2019 Miss USMJ Calendar of Mary Jane Girls who will drive the campaign through live events and social media sites.

The USMj management expects their consistent business base to continue growing each year in a tune of $1 million. Therefore with the launching of the e-commerce site the company is being cautious in giving their 2019 sales goals by predicting them too low or too high. However they are expecting to double the sales next year, and they expect to hit around $10 million in annual sales.

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