NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: NRXP) Presents Solution To Prevent Cytokine Storm In Patients Who Are Suffering From COVID-19

NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: NRXP) announced that the company would present data at the Disease Control and Prevention Summit. According to sources, the data is related to the company finding evidence ZYESAMI™, which reportedly can help prevent Cytokine Storm in patients battling the deadly COVID-19. 

About the presentation

NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc, through the presentation, aims to bring out the impact of ZYESAMI™ and how the drug can be used in the prevention of a steep rise in cytokines. Cytokinesis is commonly linked with mortality in patients with are suffering from the coronavirus. 

The recent trial conducted by the company

The company recently concluded its phase 2b/3 trial. Under the trial, patients were treated with a placebo. According to reports, such patients expressed that they experienced a reasonably noticeable elevation in interleukin 6 (IL-6) cytokine levels. On the other hand, the patients treated with ZYESAMI™ demonstrated only a slight increase in IL-6 levels. Therefore, the reported change in the cytokine level was set as the endpoint of the study. 

An official from NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc comments

“At a time when hospital admissions for COVID are rising worldwide, these placebo-controlled biomarker data suggest that aviptadil may play a critical role in preventing the sudden elevation of cytokines that is associated with mortality,” said Prof Jonathan Javitt, MD, MPH, Chairman and CEO of NRx. “This linkage between the clinical effect of aviptadil on survival and recovery and a measurable biologic change in cytokine levels provides a basis for seeking a biomarker-based regulatory path as envisioned by the 21st Century Cures Act. The lethal impact of “cytokine storm” is associated with mortality in a variety of lethal conditions including Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a common cause of death in sepsis, and amniotic fluid embolus, a primary cause of maternal death during pregnancy.”

According to reports, NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc is in touch with the FDA. The pharmaceutical company is responding to requests for information for data to support its EUA application.  According to sources, the status of the application is pending.  

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