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NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) CEO Speaks Out On Company’s Growth Prospects

Jim Cramer is the host of the “Mad Money TV show,” He was hosting NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) CEO Jensen Huang this time. Cramer sends out a question to Huang wanting him to engage investors on the company’s future. The CEO was quick to reassure investors of great times ahead whether the deal to buy Softbank-owned Arm pushed through or not.

Acquiring Arm

Arm focuses on manufacturing chips used in designing a large section of the world’s mobile phones. Huang reassures investors that his company is prepared to channel its resources and expertise into Arm. The company’s target will be to accelerate Arm’s roadmap as it continues looking for more avenues to improve the customer experience with most of its products.

Nvidia has struck many deals over the past, and one of them was closed in the previous year. It was a deal that saw the company acquire chip producer Mellanox Technologies, in a deal estimated to be worth $7 billion. The company’s CEO saw the move as a big step forward in their quest to stay at the top of their game in a fast-changing business climate.

Projections on the company’s growth

Nvidia continues to eye many significant growth opportunities that lie ahead of it, including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, 5G edge, industrial robotics, and manufacturing. The company’s CEO expresses confidence, outlining that all the aforementioned applications will be a game-changer for them. He projects a future where the company will grow significantly in all aspects.

In 1993, Huang founded his company, and he looks back and loves its growth trajectory, which he deems pretty exciting. He says that this year will be a year of significant growth for its data center, asserting that such development is independent of the new acquisition.

The company’s leader termed their chips as part of the most important “ingredients” in many disruptive technologies. It was the day before when the company pronounced quarterly sales amounting to about $5 billion. A company official described the performance as representative of a 61% year-over-year growth.

Several companies in the industry reached out to the Federal Trade Commission sometime back, expressing concerns over Nvidia-Arm deal. Those companies expressed concerns about the deal hurting competition.

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