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ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ:ON) Announces Introduction Of A Research And Evaluation Design Tool Strata Developer Studio™

ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ:ON) has announced that they are introducing Strata Developer Studio™ cloud-based research and evaluation design tool. The platform provides an all-in-one, personalized and safe environment for evaluation and designing by engineers through the use of the ON Semiconductor technology.

Ways in which Strata Studio™ will improve designing

The Strata Development Studio™ is a platform that will offer engineers quick and straightforward means of working with development and evaluation boards to deliver the most recent documentation.

Similarly, the platform gives the engineers the possibility of transferring design and application notes, product information as well as design reference files directly into a desktop.

Therefore the superior functionality of the Strata Developer Studio™ makes it one of the complete design platforms that are offered in the industry today.

ON Semiconductor evaluation boards

It expected that the latest ON Semiconductor evaluation boards are imminent to be ‘Strata-Ready’ which implies that the Strata Developer Studio™ shall automatically acknowledge theStudio™m once they have a connection to a host computer.

The platform offers the engineers and the design teams with the board user interface, and thus they have exclusive control of the visual feedback as well as configuration components of the functionality of the board. All this while, downloading of the design information is enabled by Strata as the engineer waits to begin the design or evaluation process.

ON Semiconductor general Manager of the Strata Project, Edward Osburn, indicates that the motivation behind the development of the project was the need to rethink research, design and evaluation processes for hardware systems by creating an all-inclusive SaaS solution that does not have any impediment to clients when seeking development of new innovative products.

The project manager indicates that this is a step towards moving away from old and out-dated hardware evaluation platforms that hamper the ability of clients delivering incredible products.

Features of Strata Developer Studio

The Strata Developer Studio is a signed application by Microsoft that connects the SaaS platform of the company.

It has secure and authentic features that allow data transfer as well as containment of information through encrypted databases that have compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Security and information follow the cybersecurity regulations of the National Institute of Standard and Technology.

Ian Cain, the ON Semiconductor Chief architect and Software Director of Strata, indicates that Strata platform is a comprehensive platform that brings information to the world in a single and secure application. He adds that throughout the developmental process, the company emphasized security first by having inbuilt protection and thus giving the exclusive user control of content as well as enhanced privacy.

While commenting on Strata, Moor Insights and Strategy Founder and President Patrick Moorhead, said that systems and products in various sectors are being enhanced by technological evolution that ensures that ensures different industries have improved capabilities to produces consistently.

Therefore, design engineers have been under pressure to ensure that the production process is swift to enable companies to maintain a competitive edge in the market and thus the evolution of a research, evaluation and design tool such as Strata is a breakthrough tech that will ease and speed the process.

Strata Developer Studio roadmap

There are plans to have Strata Developer Studio increase its functionality as they continue to add new boards that are supported by new features.

Some of the preliminary boards comprise of the Dual 100W USB-PD automobile Charging System, the Configurable Multifunction Logic Gate and the Universal Offline 200W 4-Port Type-C USB-PD Source.

The new ON Semiconductor boards along with Power Conversion and Automotive Motor Control and the Industrial and Vision IoT is expected to be on display in the demo room at ON Semiconductor during the 2019 CES.

ON Semiconductor Stock movement

The ON semiconductors latest stock closed at $16.50 with a daily low $15.84 and high of $16.50 which reflected a movement of +5.43%. The company had a 52-week low of $14.55 and a high of $27.1 and a share volume of 9.9 million. Their market capitalisation is $6.945 billion.


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