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OpenColo Gets Support Of Nokia (NYSE:NOK) For Scalable Data Center Switching Solutions To Satisfy Rapidly Growing Customer Requirements

OpenColo will receive NetOps development toolkit and SR Linux as part of the scalable data center switching solution from Nokia (NYSE:NOK).

Support for AI, IoT, and 5G

The new hardware (7220 Interconnect Router (IXR)) and software from Nokia allow OpenColo to meet the quickly growing customer needs like hosting and collocation services. OpenColo can also use the data center switching solutions to support IoT, AI, and 5G services in the future. 

SR Linux is an open Linux-derived NOS. OpenColo also receives Nokia 1830 PSS (Photonic Service Switch) to interconnect the data centers with the help of 100 Gbps speed dual optical fiber connections. 

Nokia 7750 Service Router supports IP routing

OpenColo also provides IP routing between and within its data centers using Nokia 7750 Service Router. 

Nokia’s 7750 Service Router and SR Linux utilize the same proven RP (routing protocols) of Nokia SR OS (Service Router Operating System). With this, OpenColo can offer stable and reliable data center (DC) switching/ internet connectivity besides handling peering traffic and data center requirements in the future. 

OpenColo’s parent company’s CTO, Scott Brookshire, said the company selected Nokia and SR Linux because they wanted an open, extensible, and supported gNMI/ telemetry. Nokia’s solution supports the transformation of networking on both software and hardware. 

OpenColo selected Nokia because it understands its requirements and works closely with its team to solve some of its issues besides reimagining the architecture. 

Easy integration 

CTO and Head (Strategy) of Nokia, Steve Vogelsang, said collocation and data center providers require open data center switching solutions (ODCSS) to scale their capabilities to satisfy customers’ rapidly growing business requirements. They can also use ODCSS for easy integration into their DC operations. 

Nokia supports the DC infrastructure of OpenColo using its IP, DC switching, and optical solutions. It also offers reliability, performance, and end-to-end capacity to support future needs like AI, 5G, and IoT of OpenColo customers. 

OpenColo is the Data Center (71,000 sq. Ft) in Santa Clara, California. Its parent company – Energy Group Networks (EGN), offers economical, superior customer-focused server/ collocation services. 

The carrier-neutral facility – OpenColo provides multiple 100G connectivity and robust DDOS protection round the clock to several upstream for international and domestic traffic. 

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