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Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Opens Next-Gen Data Center in Canada to Expand Cloud Business

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) announced the opening of a new data center (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) in Toronto, Canada for its next-generation to support the customer demand for high-performance and enterprise-grade cloud in the country.

Oracle Rapidly Expanding Global Coverage for Cloud Infrastructure Platform

A few months ago, Oracle made it clear of the plans to extend the global coverage of the next-generation cloud infrastructure platform and now it has launched the Toronto region. Yes, the rapid global expansion plan was there, and many knew it could take place, but having several regions in a short time is a thumbs-up for Oracle.

The cloud offers the most flexibility in the public cloud that allows companies to run traditional as well as cloud-native workloads on one platform. It helps to address and resolve persistent performance as well as security concerns which have kept many organizations in Canada in the past from making a switch to cloud altogether.

The security concerns, as well as the desire of protecting the existing investments, have led to most organizations hesitating to make a transition to cloud despite an increased cloud adoption. However, Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure is meant to majorly assist any size of organization to run most demanding workloads securely and at the same time deliver unmatched performance, security, and cost savings.

Putting Data Centers Where They Are Needed

Oracle’s cloud technologies help the commercial as well as public sector customers in the regions to transform their business and improving the citizen services. The new data center in Toronto supports a fast-growing customer demand.

Therefore, it indicates that they are putting cloud regions in places that users demand them to be. Oracle is filling the holes and dancing to the demands of the customers. Perhaps, it makes sense for enterprises to keep data stores on the premises or directly in the cloud making it closer to the processing clouds to limit problems.

Besides, the company has a plan to open several other cloud regions in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Japan, the Middle East, India, South Korea, and the United States. The expansion will complement an existing Edge network that consists over 30 global locations and over 300 sensors.

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