Orbital Energy Group Inc (NASDAQ: OEG) Subsidiary Awarded DAS Project by Large U.S. Cellular Carrier

At a huge market capitalization of 235.52M USD, Orbital Energy Group Inc (NASDAQ: OEG) is down 0.44%. The stock exited at $4.51 on Monday at the ring of a bell. Yesterday, the company announced that Gibson Technical Services, its subsidiary, has acquired a significant project for distributed antennae system installation. One of the largest U.S. cellular carriers has been awarded the project for installation in the university stadium of the Atlantic Athletic Conference (ACC). This project is targeted for the 2021 ACC football season. This project will kick off in the weeks to follow.

Now what

The CEO of a subsidiary, Mike McCracken, said that the project from a considerable telecommunication service provider reinstates the ability of the company to offer top-notch construction and engineering services. At the same time, it is a reflection of Gibson’s DAS projects coming to life after they’ve remained on snooze mode for a long time during the pandemic.

What is DAS?

DAS is the network that is spatially segregated antenna nodes that are interlinked to one source with the help of a transport medium that facilitates wireless connection in a structure or a geographic location. DAS is an excellent replacement or relief for Macro Network, which remains overpopulated. The benefit of using a DAS network is the reduction of bandwidth. Antenna elevations of DAS are available either at or beneath the clutter level. In addition, it has compact node installations.

Coming to life after pandemic’s spell

Even as the stock remains in the red zone, the investors have some hope as Gibson Technical Services seems to be back in motion. The spell has broken from what remained there due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

OEG is known for the creation of diversified energy services from the development and acquisitions of new companies. Its businesses include Orbital Gas Systems, Orbital Telecom Services, Orbital Solar Services, and Orbital Power Services. In addition, through Gibson, Orbital Telecom Services provides a technology environment of multi-vendor OEM.

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